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After the phenomenal success of the outdoor venue in Richmond Stein's owners Bele and Reinhard Weiss found a second place  in Kingston  that would combine the outdoor experience with an authentic indoor venue. 

As the site was a small Victorian cottage, Reinhard, who owns an architect's office, had to use all his skill to make use of every available square foot.


The huge potential was the large river terrace, which he raised above the ground to make the most of the fantastic river view. The inside was transformed into a cosy chalet style with modern touches. Every single item from the timber cladding to the benches and antlers was carefully selected and imported from Germany and Austria. The result is a truly unique and authentic atmosphere. 

Bele and Reinhard wanted Stein's to function well as a day to day restaurant, but also on special occasions - so behind the scenes Stein's features an enormous amount of technology from the modern HD screens and sound system to a high tech ordering system to air condition and ventilation and fully equipped up to date commercial kitchen.

The German Polish builder team from have succeeded at an enormous pace to bring Reinhard and Bele's vision to reality!

We thank all the building team, other suppliers and our chosen breweries Paulaner and Erdinger for their support for this project!

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